Admissions and Enrolment

Applying to KINOVI Schools

Phases of Admissions and Enrolment

Phase 1 - Apply for admission to KINOVI Klein Parys
  • Click on Apply Now.
  • Fill in the relevant information and apply for admission.
  • Once application is received, you (the parent) will receive an email of acknowledgement, with an application ID. This application ID can be used to track the status of the application.
Phase 2 - Payment for Application
  • The acknowledgement email will contain the required payment information for the application process.
  • Once KINOVI receives and confirms the initial application payment, a secondary email of acceptance of application will be sent to you (the parent).
  • The acceptance email will contain all the documentation required for enrollment purposes.
  • Please note: The acceptance email is merely confirmation of receipt of payment and not acceptance of enrollment into KINOVI Klein Parys.
Phase 3 - Admission Consideration and Enrolment
  • Once all the required documentation is completed and returned to KINOVI, the application, along with the completed documentation, will be examined and considered for admission.
  • Upon final consideration, you (the parent) will receive an email of admission and enrolment to KINOVI Klein Parys, if all relevant requirements are met.
  • All information relevant to the school year will be included in this email.
Phase 4 - Attendance
  • Once your child is enrolled, school will begin on the 11th of January 2017. All information relevant to the school year will be relayed to you once enrolled

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